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TIM ALBERTwriter and trainer

Nicola Low

Nicola works at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland. She trained as a physician and epidemiologist in the UK and is now professor of epidemiology and public health, specialising in sexually transmitted infections and infectious disease epidemiology.


Nicola has taken several of Tim’s writing courses and has developed as a writer, reviewer and editor (deputy editor of Sexually Transmitted Infections and specialty consulting editor for PLOS Medicine).


She enjoys applying ongoing developments in open access publishing and peer review to keep the writing course content up to date.  

'The course has changed a negative cycle of writing into a positive one.'

Writing course experience: Nicola was one of the first group of accredited trainers in 2006. She teaches writing courses once or twice a year. The courses are open to all and the main participants are PhD students and university-based researchers in Switzerland.


Courses offered: Nicola teaches the course Writing a journal article.. and getting it published as a three day course: Days 1 and 3 are face-to-face teaching; on Day 2 students work on their paper.


Clients include: University of BernSwiss School of Public Health plus (SSPH+)


Availability: Switzerland and elsewhere


Qualifications: DTM&H, MRCP, FFPH, MD

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