Spreading good words around...
Spreading good words around...

Two Summers: the story of bus trips across America - 50 years apart 

In 1969, as a 22-year-old student, I went on the trip of a lifetime: 12,000 miles around the United States on Greyhound Buses. This year (2019) I am celebrating the Golden Jubilee by revisiting as much of the trip as is prudent for my time-worn frame. And then I will write a book on the experience.


What makes this special is that I have with me the 30,000 word diary from my first trip, plus pictures, letters home and my first published newspaper articles. This is giving me a unique insight of how America has changed (and of how I have as well). 


My first bus turned out to be a Bolt Bus, but so far the rest have turned out to be Greyhounds.  For my itinerary and photos so far, click here

On this site: books, courses, tips and tales from many years of writing and training

The first purpose of this website is to share some of the many lessons that I learnt over a long career as writer and trainer of writers. The second is unashamedly to plug my books, including a memoir (see panel, right) and my book on writing scientific papers (also see right), now in its fourth edition. And when I have finished the one I am working on that will be publicised here too!


You will find tips on writing journal articles, memoirs, personal statements and eulogies. You will also find descriptions of the courses I developed and who is now delivering them. I have details of the talks I currently give. And I explain such useful concepts as the 'pub 'test' and 'putting on the posh overcoat'.


In short, you should find plenty on this website to entertain you, and to help you on your writing journeys.

'Tim Albert taught me almost all I know about clear writing, and even more importantly, he took away the fear of the empty page'– Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, The BMJ.


Click on the picture above to find details of four books on medical writing - and of my latest book, a memoir of life in the second half of the 20th century. 


Click on the picture above for details of the courses that are still being run - and see the ground-breaking research on evidence-based writing.


Click on the picture above for tips on writing a memoir, delivering a eulogy, overcoming writer's block, dealing with feedback...and more.


Click on the picture above for my confessions about letting errors get onto the page, plus revamping a website,writing a science book...and more. 

And who is this Tim Albert exactly?


How did this caterpillar turn into the butterfly that authored these pages? An official CV is available for those who might be interested. Click on the picture to find out more.

'Beautifully written ... a rare good autobiography'


For more details, click on picture

A cub on the moor: a short talk on life as a country reporter in the 1970s. Available for Rotary Clubs, Probus, U3A and other groups.

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Winning the publications game: the groundbreaking book on writing scientific papers.

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