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Welcome to my site on medical writing in particular and good writing in general

This website has two purposes. The first is unashamedly to plug my four books on medical writing - plus my latest book, a memoir (see panel, right). The second is to put in the public domain some of the lessons about writing that I learnt and taught - and that I hope some people will find useful. 


The contents of this site come from my four decades first as a journalist, then as a trainer specialising in writing and editing courses for health professionals. 


There is plenty here to help you on your writing journeys (irrespective of whether you are a health professional or not). Topics range from how to write a journal article and how to have a definition of 'good writing' that actually makes writing easier as well as better - to definitions of the pub test and putting on the posh overcoat. I hope you enjoy your stay.

'Tim Albert taught me almost all I know about clear writing, and even more importantly, he took away the fear of the empty page'– Dr Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief, The BMJ.


Click on the picture (above) to find details of four books on medical writing - and a teaser on a forthcoming book that is completely different.


Click on the picture for information about the three courses that are still being run - and see the ground breaking research on evidence-based writing.


Click on the picture above to find plenty of advice on structure and  style, overcoming writer's block and dealing with the comments of colleagues.


Click on the picture above for an explanation of how I wrote my book, and a description of the Wordsmiths' Olympics that took place recently at the BMJ.

And who is this Tim Albert exactly?


How did this caterpillar turn into the butterfly that authored these pages? An official CV is available for those who might be interested. Click on the picture to find out more.

Published on July 17

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