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In 1969 I spent a summer travelling around USA on Greyhound buses; half a century later (to the day) I went back...


 I wasn't expecting to write another book. But I was sitting in the dentist's chair when suddenly I realised I was coming up to the golden anniversary of my trip of a lifetime. So I took out the diary I had written at the time, signed up at the gym, bought a smartphone and flew back to New York.


 I travelled 6,000 miles, in the course of which I gazed on a now derelict Houston Astrodome, rode (again) with the Pasadena Police, joined young Americans on a climate change protest in Boston, and despaired of the divided politics. As one reviewer of the ensuing book wrote: 'Not just a changed country but a changed narrator'. Details of the book can be found here.  


What you will find on this website


I have been lucky, For the first half of my working life I was a journalist on local, national and medical publications; for the second I ran coursies teaching writing and editing skills to health professionals. And after I hung up my marker pens and retired, I have managed to write two books about myself (about which subject I am the world's undisputed expert.


You will not be surprised to hear that on this site you will find details of these books (and where to buy them). It also gives details of the talks I do and of the courses I developed that are still available from licensed trainers. fFor more about me, click here .


I have written four books on medical writing, a memoir and a travel book.


Talls on the benefits of being a baby boomer, life as a cub reporter, and an account of two Greyhound bus trips around America 50 years apart.


Details of the courses I developed; which ones are still available and a list of accredited tutors.

Writing and editing tips

An eclectic selection of topics, from how to cope with writer's block to being an exceptional editor

 A Boomer Visits America Coast-To-Coast By Greyhound Bus: 1969 And 2019 - Forbes magazine

Slow travel by train: getting there is part of the journeyMore Time to Travel

BBC Radio Surrey: to hear my interview with Sarah Gorrell about my USA bus tours, click here

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