Two Summers: read my road trips around USA on Greyhound Buses, 1969 and 2019

In 1969, then a 22-year-old British student, I travelled 12,000 miles around America on Greyhound buses. Half a century later to the day, by now a 72-year-old retired journalist, I decided to go back.

My adventures are described in  my latest book, Two Summers; Nixon and Trump by Greyhound Bus. It is a story of abandoned landmarks, rampant technology, clashing cultures - and individual acts of hospitality and kindness. They show how half a century has changed bus travel, the United States - and me.


'Not just a changed country but a changed narrator', commented one reviewer.


Looking back, the seeds of the upcoming election were plainly seen on my 2020 trip. I particularly remember this quote: ' We need to be sure we are not living through the last days of the Roman Republic.' It came from a police chief.



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A lovely evocation of heady times in America' - BBC journalist James Naughtie


'A must read for those that simply never got over seeing this amazing America the Greyhound way' - William Eisenhuth, former Greyhound bus driver

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