'Not just a changed country but a changed narrator ...'

'Not just a travelogue but also an old-timer's quest.' Alice Allan reviews my latest book Two Summers: Nixon and Trump by Greyhound Bus.  

Tim Albert’s account of his two Greyhound bus odysseys across America, 50 years apart, is a warm, funny and observant take on the state of the States. The distance in time marks not just a changed country but a changed narrator.

Self-deprecating and wry, Tim’s recreation of a trip his ‘whippersnapper self’ took in 1969 is not just a travelogue, but a quest to find out if this ‘superannuated old timer’ (his words!) has still got what it takes to navigate the often-maligned bus service. His battles with his older body and the frustrations and mores of modern technology are darkly funny: “The silent man next to me is still turned to the window, at one with his mobile phone. Others around are in the same foetal position: I have no choice but to leave them to their own devices. Literally.” ...

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Two Summers: Nixon and Trump by Greyhound Bus, Tim Albert, Elbow Publishing, published July 1, 2020. Kindle and paperback versions are now available.

'Loving your book, can’t put it down and have howled with laughter a few times...Also learning new things about America and Americans' - Melanie Denning

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'A lovely evocation of heady times in America' - James Naughtie

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