Talk: Mostly we had it good: a baby boomer's journey

We baby boomers have lived through lucky times, and my talk records my journey through the last five decades of the 20th century. In this talk I share some of the main lessons, such as the advantages of being born just after the end of a major war, the unexpected twists of technological change – and the dangers of relying on memory alone. 

'An entertaining, Interesting and thought provoking talk ... I heard discussion breaking out all over the place...’ Richard Deavin, President, Epsom Rotary Club

Business stuff

Timing: The talk normally runs for about 40 minutes


Speaker’s details: I was a journalist on  national and medical newspapers and magazines, and after that ran a business teaching written communication skills to health professionals. I have written four books on medical writing and a memoir. I am an experienced public speaker and former chairman of Mole Valley Speakers Club.


Standard fee: £50

'A darkly funny adventure'

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