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TIM ALBERTwriter and trainer

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Writing and editing skills

I set up Tim Albert Training in 1990. My intention was to provide training on writing and editing aimed particularly (though not exclusively) at doctors and other health professionals.


 The most popular courses were a generic course on effective writing, a specialist course on writing scientific papers, and a short course for editors of medical journals. I also ran courses on medical journalism, effective newsletters, annual reports of public health, news writing, train the trainers and personal development plans


In 2007, when I hit the age of 60, I honoured a long-term promise to myself that I would not go past my shelf-life date, and retired from the training room. But before I did so I trained tutors to run two of the courses, and passed on another to a colleague..


Accredited tutors now run some of the following courses. If you are interested in them please follow the links below.

Writing and publishing papers

'An excellent course that completely demystifies the art of writing a paper.'

Write effectively 

'Writing effectively involves a series of steps. These can be taught and learnt like any other skill.'

Edit medical journals

This course is no longer available. For details of its history press below.

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