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Medical journalism: the writer's guide

Writing for newspapers and magazines

I wrote this book in 1992, and according to the publisher it came about because we got stuck in a lift together. I would like to think that this was not the only reason he took it on. 


 I had recently converted from journalist to trainer. I was meeting many doctors who wanted to write articles for newspapers and magazines, and this book was intended to be a guide on how to go about it.


More specifically, the aims were to:

  • introduce health professionals to the market for medical journalism, 
  • show them how to choose articles that are likely to be published,
  • outline a process for writing those articles,
  • guide them on how to deal constructively with their editorsI
'My only grouse about the book is that it didn’t exist when I first hung up my stethoscope and tried to turn myself into a writer. It would have spared me months of struggle in an alien world where experience eventually taught me some of the lessons I could have learned less traumatically from these pages' – Dr Michael O’Donnell, editor, writer and broadcaster, writing in the foreword.


'Most scientific writers could learn a lot from Tim Albert on how to put a messace over clearly and concisely' - British Medical Journal



Chapter 1: The world of writing


Chapter 2: Understanding the writer


Chapter 3: Understanding the market


Chapter 4: Setting the brief


Chapter 5: Doing the research


Chapter 6: Planning


Chapter 7: Effective writing


Chapter 8: Revision


Chapter 9: Selling your article


Chapter 10: Where do we go from here?


This book has been translated into American English


Originally published by Radcliffe Medical Press, 1993

ISBN: 1-870905-28-8

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