TIM ALBERT writer and trainer
TIM ALBERTwriter and trainer

Tim Albert Training: accredited trainers

Mark Pickin

Location: Sheffield, UK

Background: GP, researcher, trainer

Courses: writing papers, effective writing

Olivia Timbs

Location: London, UK

Background: journalist, editor, trainer

Courses: effective writing, writing papers

Fiona Muir

Location: Dundee, Scotland

Background: nurse, medical educator

Courses: writing papers

Jamie Hayes

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Background: pharmacist, medical educator

Courses:writing papers

Andreas Ziegler

Location: Davos, Switz.

Background: biostatician and epidemiologist

Courses:writing papers 

Jürgen Barth

Location: Bern, Switz.

Background: psychology and medicine

Courses:writing papers, various formats

Michael Fored

Location:Stockholm, Sweden


nephrologist and epidemiologist

Courses: writing papers

Nicola Low

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Background: epidemiology, public health, STDs

Courses: writing papers

Gustave Malangu

Gustave Malangu

Location: South Africa

Background: researcher in public health

Courses: writing papers

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