TIM ALBERT writer and trainer
TIM ALBERTwriter and trainer

Books from Tim Albert

Two Summers

In 1969 I travelled 12,000 miles around the United States; half a century later I went back. This is the story of both trips.


''A lovely evocation of heady times in America; - James Naughtie


Mostly we had it good

From gobstoppers to mobile phones - a baby boomer's journey


'A lovely book. Witty, gentle and very evocative' - Liz Langley

Medical writing

Winning the  publications game

How to get your name on the databases without neglecting your patients.


 'A very street wise and helpful book.' - The Lancet

Write effectively

A quick course for busy health workers


'... well-tested approach to the task of writing' - Science Editor

A-Z of Medical Writing

Advice from Abbreviations to Zzzzz...


'Fascinating and invaluable' - Emergency Medicine Journal

Medical Journalism

The writer's guide


'How to put a message across clearly and forcefully' - British Medical Journal


 A Boomer Visits America Coast-To-Coast By Greyhound Bus: 1969 And 2019 - Forbes magazine

Slow travel by train: getting there is part of the journeyMore Time to Travel

BBC Radio Surrey: to hear my interview with Sarah Gorrell about my USA bus tours, click here

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