Two Summers: my road trips around America on Greyhound buses - in 1969 and 2019

'Would his 72-year-old body last the course?'

'In 1969 the 22-year-old Tim Albert spent three happy months travelling 12,000 miles around the United States on Greyhound buses. Half a century later - to the day - he set out to revisit his trip, armed with his original 30,000-word diary.


Would he find the America of President Trump much altered from the America of President Nixon? How would Greyhound bus travel have changed in a world flooded by motor cars and electronic devices? And would his 72-year-old body last the course?


In this funny and finely observed account, our game hero tours New York with a 50-year-old guide book; discovers that bus passengers speak into their phones and not to each other; celebrates the golden jubilees of the moon landings, the gay right​s movement and Kermit the Frog; declines the offer of a mail-order AK-47; and is told by half the people he meets that the President is a dangerous embarrassment and by the other half that he is a saviour who never lies.


When two older ladies assume our scruffy traveller is homeless and reach into their handbags to give him money for food, he realises that one thing hasn’t changed - the generosity of Americans.'  Extracts from the book


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'Albert offers rich observations not only about the dramatic cultural and political shifts he witnesses but also about how bus travel has evolved. The book is engaging, insightful, easy-to-read and beautifully written with a big dose of humor!' - Irene S Levine

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'Tim Albert's chutzpah in repeating his 1969 circumnavigation of the United States by Greyhound Bus again in 2019 sounds like madness - but is actually quite inspiring' - Jim Peskin

Publisher: Elbow Publishing

244 pages, b/w illustrations throughout

Paperback: £11.99

Kindle edition: £4.99

Publication date: 1 July 2020

Two Summers: Nixon and Trump by Greyhound Bus

'Not just a changed country but a changed narrator'

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