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Write effectively

A quick course for busy health professionals

I wrote this book so that health professionals could understand and master the writing process in simple stages. 


It is designed to be used as a workbook, so that readers can choose a writing project and work it up as they go through the book. It can be used individually or in groups.


The book aims to:

  • help writers understand their real writing problems,
  • empower them to focus on the needs of readers,
  • outline a sensible process for the writing process,
  • suggest objective tests for improving a manuscript,
  • encourage positive writing cultures.  

'This book nicely presents one very experienced writer's well tested approach to the task of writing' - Science Writing. 


'Personally I have found that taking the approach outlined in this book transforms writing papers from a laborious drag to something I really want to do well.'


'Although the title implies that it is specifically targeted towards health professionals, the book is helpful for everyone seeking to improve their writing skills.'



Session 1: How this book can help


Session 2: So what's your real problem?


Session 3: What is effective writing?


Session 4: Getting started - the brief


Session 5: Sorting the information


Session 6: Putting together a plan


Session 7: writing the first draft - and enjoying it!


Session 8: Rewriting - ask the Big Five Questions


Session 8: Rewriting - sweat the details


Session 10: Getting others to help (not hinder)


Epilogue: Bringing it all together



This book has been published in Japanese through Japan UNI Agency, Tokyo

Originally published by Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2008 

ISBN - 13: 978 1 84619 135 0 

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