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One of the things that struck me while running training courses for many types of health professionals was that they had to write a broad range of materials, often for different audiences, and with little (or no) recent training.


I wrote this book so that they could understand and master the writing process in simple stages. It is designed to be used as a workbook, so that readers can choose a writing project and work it up as they go through the book. It can be used individually or in groups.


The book aims to:

  • help writers understand their real writing problems,
  • empower them to focus on the needs of readers,
  • outline a sensible process for the writing process,
  • suggest objective tests for improving a manuscript,
  • encourage positive writing cultures.


The book advocates the same writing process outlined in Winning the Publications Game, but applies it to writing a range of different materials. My hope is that it will give readers confidence as well as skills, and thus provide a powerful tool to help them achieve their goals. 

'This book nicely presents one very experienced writer's well tested approach to the task of writing' - Science Editor

'We seem particularly ill-prepared for all this writing'

' Many people are surprised by the range of what they have to write: reports, letters, applications, minutes, essays, protocols, policy statements, articles . . . the list goes on They also have to face a constant procession of e-mails which people tend not to count as “real writing”, but which are as important – and which even the decisive can take two hours or more a day to deal with.


'At the same time we seem particularly ill-prepared for all this writing. The task is badly defined, time-consuming and difficult. Courses on how to do it are rare. Agreement on “good writing” seems to be rarer still and the whole process often appears to be more about internal power squabbles than external communication. Not surprisingly, many writers in the health services dislike it and avoid it wherever possible. Others proceed reluctantly, without confidence – and without any satisfaction at the end of each writing task' - from the publisher's blurb.




This book has been published in Japanese through Japan UNI Agency, Tokyo

Originally published by Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, 2008 

ISBN - 13: 978 1 84619 135 0 

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