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TIM ALBERTwriter and trainer

Jürgen Barth

IJürgen is research director at the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland.

     He qualified in psychology in 1993, and was trained in cognitive behavioral therapy before starting research at the University of Freiburg, Germany. His research interests are in clinical health psychology, the influence of psychological factors on  somatic disorders, and systematic reviews.

     Jürgen delivers courses in writing for publication for groups of academics, health care professionals and public health specialists, at all levels of training, mainly in German-speaking countries

'I should have visited this course much earlier!I learnt so much from your practical experience as a scientist'.

Writing course experience: Jürgen has run more than 50 of these courses for researchers in social science and life science. His courses are established in many graduate schools for young scientists within the transferable skills programme. Nearly all of those coming on the course say they are 'very satisfied'.

Courses offered: Writing for Publication as a one or two day version. Other formats like continuous courses within departments are available on request.


Clients includeUniversity of Zurich, Life Science Graduate School; University of Geneva and Lausanne, National 

Centre of Competence in ResearchUniversity of Trier, Department for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.


Availability: All levels of training, mainly in German-speaking countries. Course language: English and German.


Qualifications: Master in Clinical and Health Psychology; Training Behavioral Therapy ; PhD Psychology; venia legendi for Psychosocial Medicine; certificate for advanced studies Research Management.

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