Get your papers written and published
This classic – and highly practical - book on how to get your articles in medical and scientific journals has now been published in its fourth edition, click here for details
Blogs: writing and editing skills

A recent seminar I ran at the BMJ was a load of fun. But it did remind me that, despite the pace of electronic change, we still need to maintain the core skills of clear writing.

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Books: what I have published - and what I am working on

My first book was on medical journalism, the second on writing scientific papers, the third a dip-into book called the A-Z of Medical Writing, and the fourth a coursebook on how to write effectively. I am now working on a completely different type of book – a personal history of the second half of the 20th century.

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Courses: what I developed - and what is available

From 1990 until 2007 I ran a training business. During this time I designed and ran courses on writing scientific papers, effective writing, editing medical journals, setting up newsletters, and more. Some of these courses are now run under licence by licensed trainers.

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Tips: write better and more easily

On this website I want to share my experience trying to ensure that messages – particularly in the health services- are not just put out, but put across. Current advice covers the process of writing and style. More pages will soon follow.

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Who is Tim Albert?

How did this caterpillar turn into the butterfly that authored these pages? An official CV is available for those who might be interested.

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