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Get your papers written and published !

10 tips for writing a memoir

We all have interesting life stories to tell. And writing them down is not just an interesting exercise in its own right, it can also give pleasure to others. Here are some tips, which come from first hand experience.


1. Write first; think about publishing later.


2. Go to original sources if you can (I always regret not having kept a diary).


3. Talk to people who figured in your life – their experiences will add to yours.


4. Use dialogue whenever you can.


5. Put in your achievements, but not at the expense of observations and descriptions.


6. Check your facts – you will be surprised how bad your memory is. 


7. Go through the text making sure the language is easy to understand.


8. Cut boldly – your readers will thank you.


9.Hire a good proof reader.


10. Remind yourself: you have every right to write about yourself.

Published on July 17

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