Get your papers written and published !
Get your papers written and published !

Tips and stuff to help you write effectively

10 tips for writing a memoir


Now I have finally finished writing a memoir (see panel right), I feel able to share some of the lessons I have learnt.


These include writing freely at the start of the process and hiring a professional proof-reader at the end.


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How to write - and present - a eulogy


After some recent personal experiences I have written down some guildelines on how to approach this very difficult - and rarely discussed - piece of writing. 


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Two building blocks of effective writing


Discover a practical approach to style that transforms it from a measuring stick to an invaluable tool.


Read advice on structure that will increase the chances of your key message getting through to the target reader.


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Overcome writer's block

Click on the picture (above) for advice on how to make the writing process flow as smoothly as possible.

Profit from the feedback

Click on the picture for advice on using comments from colleagues to improve your writing - and not make it worse! 

Writing for journals

Click on the picture for advice on what you should have done before you start writing the first draft of your scientific paper or journal article.

Published on July 17

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