Get your papers written and published !
Get your papers written and published !

Course outline: write a scientific paper and get it published

Day one


09.30 Introduction: introduction, needs, objectives

11.15 Understanding the publications game: a writer friendly approach

12.30 Setting the brief: how to get going

2.00 Organising the information: using spidergrams

3.15 Writing the plan: meeting the (unwritten) conventions

4.00 Writing: being creative not critical

4.30 End of Day One



Day two

09.30 Reintroduction

10.00 Rewriting (a) macro-editing – the essential issues


12.15 Rewriting (b) micro-editing: the important details

2.00 Adding the extras: putting together an attractive package

2.45 Dealing with others (a) making the most of co-authors and reviewers

3.30 Dealing with others (b) understanding editors

4.00 Sending off the package: plus personal action plans


Published on July 17

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