Get your papers written and published !
Get your papers written and published !

Course for  journal editors: programme

1. The editorial role and relationship

  • Understanding the fast-changing world of medical journals
  • Editorship, responsibility and freedom to manage
  • Editors and editorial boards
  • Vision and balance


2. Editors and authors

  • Copyflow – managing too much or too little
  • Peer review – methodologies, problems, improvements
  • Attracting quality (authors and articles)
  • Keeping good authors – providing author service
  • Problem authors


3. Keeping the public’s trust

  • Legal and ethical issues – plagiarism, fraud, authorship disputes, etc
  • Problems and solutions – when to do what (and when to do nothing)
  • Policies and enforcement – what is good practice


4. Tying it all together - visibility, discovery and readership

  • Who are your readers and what do they want
  • Choosing the ‘right’ balance of contents
  • Improving visibility, improving success


 This course is now being run and developed by PSP Consulting

Published on July 17

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