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Gustav Malangu

Gustav is a public health researcher who has provided technical assistance and consultancy services to ministries of health in more than 20 African and Caribbean countries. He has authored more than 40 scientific papers, several book chapters and one book. He is Guest Editor of Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Gustav has been teaching how to conduct a literature and systematic review, data analysis, presentation and interpretation, how to review a journal article and critically appraise a scientific paper. In addition, he has written several courses for public health training and health commodities supply chain management.


Writing course experience: Gustav has been a licensed trainer since 2010.


Clients include: Master of Public Health and doctoral students; officials from ministries of health in Africa.


Availability: Francophone and Anglophone countries in Africa and elsewhere.


Qualifications:  BPharm, MSc Med, PhD, DSc Med



Phone: +27 521 4613

Published on July 17

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