Spreading good words around...
Spreading good words around...

Write Effectively: table of contents

Part 1: The quick course


Session 1: How this book can help


Session 2: So what's your real problem?


Session 3: What is effective writing?


Session 4: Getting started - the brief


Session 5: Sorting the information


Session 6: Putting together a plan


Session 7: writing the first draft - and enjoying it!


Session 8: Rewriting - ask the Big Five Questions


Session 8: Rewriting - sweat the details


Session 10: Getting others to help (not hinder)


Epilogue: Bringing it all together



Part 2: After Sales Service



Part 3: Some points on design



Part 4: Lists for the very keen


1: The list of lists

2: The parts of speech

3. Useful grammatical terms

4. Punctuation

5.Words often misspelled

6. Perilous pairs

7. More perilous pairs

8. Even more perilous pairs (international division)

9. Posh words (and their less pompous equivalents)

10 Clichés

11. Redundant words

12. Lost causes

13: Racist and sexist words you can't print

14: The wonderful world of style

15: Ten sensible principles (and the results of ignoring them)

16. Five to try on your own

17. Quotes to drop

'Beautifully written ... a rare good autobiography'


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