Spreading good words around...
Spreading good words around...

Where the trip took me . . .

One of the things I quickly found out was how differently people behaved while riding the buses.


In 1969 we got on the bus and talked. It was the time of the Vietnam war, and I spoke to veterans going to and from the field of battle, some in favour and some definitely not. I spoke to students from many parts of the world, to farmers and small business people and professional people like architects and teachers.


In 2019 it was completely different. As soon as people got on the bus - often before they had found a seat - they took out their electronic devices. They spoke to relatives in far-flung lands, but rarely did they speak to each other on the bus. 


Public discourse is not what it used to be.



July 1: plane to New York (see picture, left)

July 3: train to New Jersey

July 5: bus to Washington

July 8: bus to Roanoke

July 9: bus to Knoxville

July 10: bus to Unadilla

July 12: bus to Orlando

July 14: bus to St Petersburg

July 17: plane to New Orleans

July 19: bus to Covington

July 20: bus to Houston

July 22:bus to Austin

July 25: plane to London


August 19: fly to Los Angeles/ Pasadena

August 24: Pasadena to San Jose

August 26: San Jose to Las Vegas

August 27: Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

August 29: Salt Lake City to Steamboat Springs 

August 30: Steamboat Springs to Avon

September 1: Avon/ Vail to Denver

September 2: Denver to Omaha

September 3: Omaha to Grinnell

September 5: Grinnell to  Chicago

September 7: Chicago to Detroit

September 8: Detroit to Cleveland

September 11: Cleveland to Buffalo/Niagara Falls

September 13: Buffalo to Rochester

September 16: Rochester to Unadilla

Sreptember 18: Unadilla to Boston

September 20: Boston to New York

September 24:fly to London

'Beautifully written ... a rare good autobiography'


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