Spreading good words around...
Spreading good words around...

Two Summers: America from a bus window

My bones are 50 years older than when I took my first 12.000-mile Greyhound bus trip around the USA, so this time I will be do my journey in two parts. The first will take me down from New York to Florida and then west to Louisiana and Texas. I am particularly looking forward to arriving in Houston 50 years to the day that the Americans landed on the moon. The second leg will start in California, where I got my first break in journalism on the Pasadena Star News. I will then go across the middle of America from Los Angeles to Boston.

Golden Jubilee Bus Tour of the USA: my itinerary



July 1: plane to New York

July 3: train to New Jersey

July 5: bus to Washington

July 8: bus to Roanoke

July 9: bus to Knoxville

July 10: bus to Unadilla

July 12: bus to Orlando

July 14: bus to St Petersburg

July 17: plane to New Orleans

July 19: bus to Covington

July 20: bus to Houston

July 22: bus to Austin

July 24: plane to London

'The interesting thing is going to be whether you make it' - an unnamed friend

'This is such a powerful idea, Tim, and we wish you happy trails and intriguing (and relatively safe) adventures' - another unnamed friend

'I wish you all the best in your new wacky adventure' - third unnamed friend 


August 19: fly to Los Angeles/ Pasadena

August 24: Pasadena to Las Vegas

August 25: Las Vegas to Parowan

August 28: Parowan to Grand Junction

August 30: Grand Junction to Avon

September 2: Avon to Grand Island

September 3: Grand Island to Grinnell

September 5: Grinnell to  Chicago

September 7: Chicago to Detroit

September 8: Detroit to Cleveland

September 11: Cleveland to Niagara Falls

September 13: Niagara Falls to Rochester

September 16: Rochester to Unadilla

Sreptember 18: Unadilla to Boston

September 20: Boston to New York

September 24:fly to London


'Beautifully written ... a rare good autobiography'


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