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Two Summers: bussing around USA

Coming soon: talk on my travels through America on Greyhound buses in 1969 and 2019. It will cover how the country has changed, how social media have spoilt bus travel, and how it is possible to have a second stab at a trip of a lifetime. And there will be a story about guns.


For information on the book, press here.

A cub on the moors

Dartmoor in the early 1970s may have seemed like a picture-postcard town, but all sorts of dramas played out underneath the calm. This I discovered when I was transplanted from suburban Wimbledon to deeply rural Tavistock, where I served as an indentured trainee reporter on the local newspaper.


My talk revealsl where I was threatened with being impaled on top of the Maypole, how the churchwardens managed to keep their sheep rustling quiet, and why the asssistant postmaster refused to say whether he enjoyed his job. I also explain how these and other events turned me from a callow sociology graduate into a fully fledged reporter heading for Fleet Street.


And in these days of 24-hour coverage and 'fake news', there are some interesting lessons to draw . . .


'Tim's talk at the Tavistock Wharf was a spirited and evocative account of his years as an apprentice reporter... It brought to life the characters he met and their eccentricities' 

- Dr Ann Pulsford, talks organiser.

Mostly we had it good - tales of a lucky baby boomer

Mostly we had it good: We baby boomers have lived through lucky times, and my book records my journey through the last five decades of the 20th century. In this talk I share some of the main lessons, such as the advantages of being born just after the end of a major war, the unexpected twists of technological change – and the dangers of relying on memory alone. 


'An entertaining, Interesting and thought provoking talk ... I heard discussion breaking out all over the place...’ Richard Deavin, President, Epsom Rotary Club

Illustrations: I am lucky to be able to show some excellent photographs taken at the time by our larger-than-life staff photographer Jim Thorington (see right). 


Timing: The talk normally runs from 30-50 minutes.


Speaker’s details: I was later a journalist on  national and medical newspapers and magazines, and after that ran a business teaching written communication skills to health professionals. I have written four books on medical writing and a memoir. I am an experienced public speaker and former chairman of Mole Valley Speakers Club.


Extras: Signed copies of my book Mostly we had it good will be available to buy after the talk.


2019 talks:

15 January: A cub on the moor, Probus Club of the Bookhams

24 January: Growing up in Wimbledon, Wimbledon History Society

28 February: Mostly we had it good, Ashtead Rotary

10 April: Mostly we had it good, Tylney Luncheon Club

13 May: A cub on the moor, Molesey Probus

23 May: A cub on the moor, Moleside Probus

9 October; A cub on the moor, Banstead Probus

15 October: A cub on the moor, South Croydon Probus

17 October: Mostly we had it good, Edenbridge Probus

4 December: A cub on the moor, Surrey Retired Engineers

2020 talks:

January 8: A cub on the moor, Dorking U3A

January 20: A cub on the moor, Worcester Park WI

March 4: Mostly we had it good, Epsom WI

March 12: Mostly we had it good, Tadworth WI

Zoom talks:

October 1: Two Summers, Bookham and Horsley Rotary

October 15: Two Summers, Leatherhead U3A 

November: Two Summers: Banstead Probus 

November 12: Two Summers: Rotary Club of Hart

'A darkly funny adventure'

Two Summers: Nixon and Trump by Greyhound Bus, by Tim Albert, Elbow Publishing

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