Spreading good words around...
Spreading good words around...



1. 1950s: the unwinds of war

In which I discover the joys of family life - and the anguish of losing it


1.1 An attraction of opposites

1.2 Common people

1.3 The castle

1.4 The lingering shadows of war

1.5 Oy Vey Maria

1.6 My other mummy

1.7 Queen and Empire

1.8 Exile, for undisclosed offences

1.9 Beyond the Christmas Tree


2. 1960s: a tale of two certainties

In which I endure schooling, enjoy education and find my views moving to the left


2.1 Another decade, another hilltop

2.2 Last of the first

2.3 Meanwhile in the real world...

2.4 Three long years

2.5 Free at last - but for what?

2.6 The joy of learning

2.7 The American dream

2.8 A degree of success


3. 1970s: brave new world, soon perhaps

In which I embark on the reporter's trade, mix with the big boys, lose one love and gain another


3.1 A cub in the classroom

3.2 On the local beat

3.3 Short shift on the tabloids

3.4 The lower rungs of the freelance ladder

3.5 A home of my own

3.6 Blood and guts

3.7 Clashes behind the Iron Curtain

3.8 Education observed

3.9 Shifting with the big boys

3.10 Back to school

3.11 A specialist, briefly

3.12 Burnt by the sun

3.13 Lost and found


4. 1980s: health care blues

In which I learn about the world of doctors, import a soulmate and wander into the new digital age


4.1 Regrouping

4.2 A new direction

4.3 Doctors discovered

4.4 For better...

4.5 for worse

4.6 Happy Christmas - you're fired!

4.7 In the wilderness

4.8 A wage slave again

4.9 An editor's chair

4.10 Into Europe

4.11 The slow drip of the new

4.12 The NHS under attack

4.13 Out again


5.1990s: fronting up

In which I become a small businessman and try to persuade doctors that clear writing might have its advantages


5.1 Reinvention

5.2 The joy of selling

5.3 Tilting at windmills

5.4 French cricket

5.5 The newsletter pandemic

5.6 A mended heart

5.7 The business rises; the business falls

5.8 A clock strikes

5.9 Science to the rescue

5.10 On the move

5.11 The ups and downs of a peripatetic trainer

5.12 Deeper still in the wonderful world of science

5.13 Equilibrium


'Beautifully written ... a rare good autobiography'


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